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Souq Al Jubail extends over an area of 37,000 square meters and includes 91 fish shops, 67 meat shops, and 212 vegetable and fruit shops selling the freshest produce in the market.

Sharjah’s huge, covered Souk Al-Jubail is an excellent way to experience the bustle of traditional Arabian shopping in a modern setting. Join local shoppers as they do their weekly rounds at the Fish Souk and the Fruit and Vegetable Souk, always crowded with vendors shouting out their prices and customers bargaining for good deals.

As well as being a prime opportunity to capture some vibrant photos of daily Sharjah life, this is a great place to pick up gifts, such as dates and local honey.

Souq Al Jubail stands as the largest fresh produce market in the region and was built with a vision that aims at providing an integrated shopping destination for all fresh produce at competitive prices, to meet the demands of Emiratis and residents in the UAE.

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