Calendar 2024 - Sharjah Events

Sharjah Calendar 2024

Showcasing Sharjah’s biggest and best events, highlighting the city’s
greatest attractions, uncovering hidden gems, games and competitions. A
calendar for all the amazing things Sharjah has to offer!




Khorfakkan Cultural Festival
Katatib Program Calligraphy Exhibition
Awarding the Authors of the Department of Culture Publications
Ramadan Session
Midfaa Al Iftaar Event
Gulf Day for Giftedness and Creativity
Kholoud Al-Maleh Exhibition
Breastfeeding Mothers Ceremony
World Down Syndrome Day
Containment Meeting
Emirati Children’s Day
Healthy Ramadan
Ramadan Sessions
Mabrook Ma Yakm
World Kidney Day
My Health in Ramadan
The Fifth International Forum on Islamic Banking Jurisprudence


Sharjah Award for Arab Creativity
Meeting with an Influencer
Tahajjud Prayers at Sheikh Saud Mosque
Municipal Activities in Public Parks and Neighborhoods
Arab Deaf Week
Ramadan Fair
My Health is my Culture and Responsibility


English Language Seminar in conjuction with Gulf Day for
learning difficulties
International Accessibility Day Event
Friendly Schools Of Arthritis Patients
Peer Counselors Program
Emirati Writer Exhibition (Ramadan)
Distributors Conference
Sharjah Award for Library Literature Forum


International Men’s Health Week
Ballet Show
Police Friends Course
Afkarkom = khotatna
Kholoud Al-Maleh Exhibition
Mango Festival
Eid Bazaar


Summer caravan
Meeting with an Influencer
Intl. Conference on Language
Protection and Coexistance Campaign
Arthritis Free Summer
Breast feeding Supporters Forum


Emiraties Women’s Day
Junior Volunteer Week
Emirati Women’s Day
World Breastfeeding Week


Kalba Short Plays Festival
Sharjah Scout Theater Festival
Arab Deaf Week
My Family in my Workshop Initiative
Sharjah Libraries Department


Al Wusta Exhibition for Voluntary Work
Intaj Bazaar 6
Third Mental Health Forum
The 11th Senior Citizen Services Forum
International Exhibition of Building, Architecture and Design
Gulf Paint Show
Diabetes Ambassadors
World Arthritis Day
With Water Life Blooms


Afkarkom = khotatna
RQ Art Project
Sharjah Award for Voluntary Work
Economic Sustainability Forum
Economic Media Forum
East Coast Marine Environment Festival
Sharjah International Travel & Tourism Forum
Children Thon
Assistive Technology Awareness Month
Early Intervention Week
My Health Conference
Second Volunteering Forum
Rubber Industry Fair
PU Tech Arab
Roto Molding Trade Expo 2023
Let’s walk
Blue Circle
National breastfeeding week
Premature Day
Emirati child Day
Doctors Forum
Walking an Hour a Day
Water Campaign
Participation in the Sharjah International Book Festival
Sharjah Publisher Conference
National Libraries Summit
ALA National Library Conference


Arabic language Contests for the Gulf Countries
Sharjah Scout Theater Festival
Clean UAE
Second Volunteering Forum
Harvest Camp 26
Volunteer for UAE Competition
Suburbs Festival
Future Inspector (Public Health Department)
Shees Entertainment Festival
Congratulations on your newborn Ceremony
Professional Directory Fair Forum


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