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Art / فعاليات فنية

Coffee Cup and Colors

In the beginning, each senior guide will prepare her coffee cup, print 3 copies of the attached painting, and choose her favorite type of colors to be used in the workshop. Maitha will start the workshop by discussing the art piece, and she will allow the participants to use their creativity in coloring the painting. While they are coloring, the discussion will start. They will discuss about their talents and how to improve their abilities and be able to start a business from it. Moreover, the participants will have a chance to learn from Maitha’s experience.

• Discuss how to develop Senior guides artistic talents (photography, drawings or designing).
• Discuss how to spend extra time wisely in developing their talents.
• Discuss how to transform talents into small businesses.
• Learn from Maitha’s experience to develop their talents.

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Art / فعاليات فنية

  • 06 Dec 2023 - 13 Dec 2023

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