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Khorfakkan Theatrical Festival 7th


KhorFakkan Theatre Festival is an open event for theatre groups of Arab and Islamic countries with diverse age groups; it revolves around the concept of “Improvisational theatre” in series of short plays.

Open-air platforms by the beach host several plays and musical performances of many cultures and traditions, all designed ideally with the ambience of KhorFakkan city. Among theatre performances, parades and carnival-like events to invite the public to an engaging experience.
The Festival aims to promote the social and cultural value of the Theatre; it also intends to increase awareness of its practitioners and amateurs as well, in addition to encouraging the people of the eastern region to invest in young generation and motivate them to pursue artistic careers to deepen our culture.

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Family & Entertainment / فعاليات عائلية

  • 06 Oct 2023 - 08 Oct 2023

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