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Sharjah virtual summer event “Our holiday is not”

Sharjah’s virtual summer “Our holiday is not” remotely.

An annual event organized by the Sharjah Sports Council and held this year remotely via the “Zoom” video communication program, due to the commitment to preventive and precautionary measures currently.

With the participation of the smiling emirate’s clubs, and registration is done via the link (here).

The event targets the participation of 100 members of the age group “8-12” of both sexes, and includes entertainment, sports, religious and cultural programs and multiple competitions, and the event aims to invest the members For leisure and enjoyment of activity, enhancing creativity, refining skills and exploding energies, including educational videos in various fields and workshops.

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Sports / فعاليات رياضية

  • 07 Jul 2023 - 24 Aug 2023

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