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The photography competition: The Palm Tree: Pride and Generosity

Sharjah Heritage Museum is launching a photography competition for photography enthusiasts titled :

“The Palm Tree: Pride and Generosity”

From 2 June – 2 July 2021.

The competition aims to present the palm tree as an important symbol of the UAE. This competition is organized by Sharjah Heritage Museum during the date harvest season in the summer of 2021. A collection of winning and special photographs taken by contestants will be displayed at The Palm Tree: Pride and Generosity exhibition on October , 2021. Each of the top three winners will receive a cash prize.


Rewards :

1. 5000 AED for the first place winner.
2. 3000 AED for the second place winner.
3. 1500 AED for the third place winner.


Terms and conditions :

1. Participants must be UAE nationals or residents.
2. Photographs should be taken solely by contestants and for the purpose of participating in the museum’s competition.
3. Photographs should not have been shared previously on social media platforms or sent to other parties.
4. Contestants can participate with a maximum of 2 photographs.
5. The competition is only open to people between the ages of 18 to 30 years.
6. Photographs must be in a high resolution and submitted as JPG format.
7. Contestants must include a copy of their ID and CV with their photographs, as well as a summary and measurements of the photographs.
8. Photographs submitted after the deadline will be declined.
9. Results will be announced on August 2, 2021. Winners will be notified through email to complete procedures and receive their rewards.
10. SMA reserves all right to use the photographs in any medium, for promotional purposes or otherwise, without mentioning the photographer’s name and for non-commercial purposes.
11. The photographs must convey the significance of the palm tree.
12. Photographs must be emailed to the following email address:


Entry Fees to the museum :

Children (under 2 years): Free.
Children (2 – 12 years): 5.00 AED.
Adults (13+ years): 10.00 AED.
Government school trips: Free.
Private school trips: Free.
Government University trip: Free.
Private University trip: Free.
Senior (60+) + one companion: Free.
People with Disabilities: Free.


Heritage Ticket Fees: A “Joint Ticket” to Al Eslah School Museum, Sharjah Heritage Museum, Sharjah Calligraphy Museum, Sharjah Fort “ Al Hisn”, Bait Al Naboodah:

Children (under 2 years): Free.
Children (2 – 12 years): 10.00 AED.
Adults (13+ years): 20.00 AED.

The museum entry is free during the following days: Sharjah Heritage Days.
International Museum Day on 18th of May.
Martyr’s Day on 1st of December.
UAE National Day on 2nd of December.



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