A series of Al Sinyar events: “Ghaws Erdaidah” - Sharjah Events

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A series of Al Sinyar events: “Ghaws Erdaidah”

Sharjah Maritime Museum is hosting the “Al Sinyar 5: Ghaws Al Erdaidah ” event on 12 October 2023. The event is aimed at reviving our ancestral heritage and instilling traditional values in today’s youth, enabling them to bridge the past with the present and understand the rich legacy of their country. It’s an ode to our ancestors, shedding light on their dependency on the sea for livelihood and trade over the years. In addition, the event seeks to enhance awareness of our maritime heritage and celebrate our profound history.
The event will include 9 maritime artistic scenes where visitors can enjoy and learn about the preparations for diving voyages. Additionally, a maritime band will entertain guests in the outdoor area of Sharjah Maritime Museum and aboard the Al Samaa ship. Workshops, including oyster shucking and various maritime crafts, will further enrich the experience

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