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Culture / فعاليات ثقافية

Coffee in the Arabian Gulf Exhibition


Arabic coffee is a symbol of generosity in the Arab world. It has its own traditions and special pots. Among the most famous coffee pots is the dallah (the plural is delal), which was brought by some hosts from faraway countries at exorbitant prices to acquire a good reputation. The dallah has many types; including al hasawiya, al omaniya, al raslaniyah, al qurashiya, while the oldest and finest type is al baghdadiya and is made in Iraq. The name of each type is indicative of the place of its origin, except for the al raslaniyah, which is attributed to the family of Raslan in Syria, and al qurashiya, which is made in Mecca. The term dallah in Arabic comes from the word dalah, the friendliness and sociability accompanying the coffee session.

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Culture / فعاليات ثقافية

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